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SubjectRe: NTFS-like streams?
> > to start to show up on Linux, and lots of folks who code on NT (me being
> > one of them) like to use this attribute scheme since it makes it easy
> > for folks to attach notes, info, etc. to files for data-mining apps and
> Nonportable to normal filesystems. Nonportable to any other UNIX. Will
> be painful over NFS.

There is a much more fundamental problem that generally doesnt show up on
NT because NT is generally still used like windows 3.0 was even though it
has multi-user capabilities.

Who can attach notes and info to a file. I as a user want a different icon
to someone else. Perhaps I want my note in English and you want the notes
in Portugese ?

Multi-part files are a bad hack - they are hard to extend the format on, they
dont identify the metadata catalog and how to parse it. You'd be far better
generating a single stream , even in something trendy like XML. At least
then I can always parse the data, I can extend it and I can merge it with
a personal database of overrides


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