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    SubjectRe: linux-2.4-test & innd
    >  >Did anyone try to use inn on linux-2.4? I tried to use inn-{1.7.2,2.2.2}
    > Yes, it just destroyed my home news server (running the debian package,
    > mostly 1.7.2+insync+misc other stuff). Kernel is -test6.

    -test7-pre2 has the same bug.

    > I think the overview was fine, but the active file (which is mmapped)

    It wasn't but, it's not the cause. I saw two lines for one article.

    > was not updated. Maybe some articles have been overwritten too, but

    Yes, they have.

    > since this should not be possible I'm not sure.
    > I could see in the history that after I installed -test6 INN started
    > filing articles with numbers *lower* than the highmark.

    ctlinnd renumber "" fixes the active file, but it's not the solution.
    And mtime of the active file does not modify. I think, it should be fixed

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