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    SubjectRe: NTFS-like streams?
    On Sat, 12 Aug 2000, Alexander Viro wrote:
    > On Sat, 12 Aug 2000, Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > > The UNIX notion of "everything is a file" is a thing of beauty. Plan-9
    > > took it further, and I'm a staunch believer in things like /proc etc. I
    > > don't think resource forks are anything special.
    > Unlike Plan 9 we have a userland that Should Not Be Broken(tm). And we
    > have this "POSIX-compliant" thing too... Linus, POSIX has a lot of nasty
    > words about mixing files and directories. And I'm afraid that saying "no,
    > foo is file, it just happens to have children" won't work - that way you
    > are going to screw a lot of userland stuff.
    > Again, the _real_ problem is to give a reasonable semantics to unlink(),
    > remove-on-last-close, rename() and rmdir() for these beasts. Give me that
    > and I'll do VFS support Real Fast(tm). I propose a cop-out - let mount()
    > do the job. Then _all_ problems go away, since dubious operations are
    > automatically prohibited. If you have something better in mind - go ahead,
    > tell what you want.

    How about having each stream show up as a different file, i.e.:


    The three can each be open()ed, cat'ed, rm'ed etc. like normal files. The
    only proviso is that deleting "file" will also remove "file:*", which may
    surprise a few utils?


    Say I install a thumbnail viewer, gnail. This creates "gnail" streams to
    each image it processes, leaving me with:


    If I then get rid of gnail, I can simple "rm -f ~/*:gnail", and the
    thumbnails have gone. If I "rm -f ~/tux.jpg", the thumbnail goes too.

    If I then want to move daemon.jpg to another directory, I can use mv:
    it simply moves all the streams one after the other. Even if I move to an
    ext2 partition, it works as expected: the gnail stream becomes a distinct
    file. When I move the files back, the stream is reunited.

    Seems a pretty logical approach, IMO?


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