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SubjectRe: super quick >2GB question
On Fri, 11 Aug 2000, Mark Lehrer wrote:

> I've been reading through the latest kernel traffic trying to find a
> definitive answer on this but haven't had any luck. Here's the
> questions:
> 1) does linux 2.4 support >2GB files with ext2 on rh6.2 by just loading
> the new kernel?

yes, the basic functionality works (i.e. for all practical purposes it is
perfect). If you need something exotic like locking then I think it is
currently on 2.4 TODO list as being merged.

Basically, I sucessfully ripped 3G worth of audio tracks, cat'd them all
together as one file and lame(1)'d them all into a single (much
smaller!) mp3 file. So it is safe to say - it just works. And I didn't
upgrade glibc or anything like that. I only upgrade the kernel (and all
other relevant bits like modutils).


> 2) if not, what is required to support larger files on i386?

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