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    SubjectRe: NTFS-like streams?
    "Jeff V. Merkey" wrote:

    > Actually, NT was derived from an internal code named project called
    > "Windows N-10 (n-ten)" back in the days when Gates was trying to build
    > MIPS workstations and a version of Windows to run on it in ca.
    > 1989/1990.

    Early versions shipped on floppy disks labelled "OS/3."
    Cutler had his team first write NT on MIPS and then port
    to x86 to underscore the importance of portability (which
    was recently tossed out the window).

    > >
    > > If NT programmers' code requires things that are incompatible with the
    > > requirements of UNIX programs - well, you know where to find NT if you
    > > need it.
    > I will implement as an ioctl() into the FS -- they will ned to change
    > some code organization, but that's just life, I guess....

    That would be fine. We will be implementing a similar
    mechanism to make the extra data accessible in our
    filesystem whether or not any actual namespace or other
    support is provided, as it is a cross-platform filesystem.

    > I agree we cannot break existing functionality. period ....

    Yes, that would probably make people upset. But we
    should try to provide named streams on Unix anyway.
    I think it can be done, probably without goring
    anyone's personal ox.

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