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    SubjectRe: Complaint about recent LINUX_VERSION_CODEs
    Jamie Lokier wrote:
    > Michael Rothwell wrote:
    > > Perhaps the real problem isn't the "feature freeze" but the numbering --
    > > maybe we should still be in the "" pre-nothing stage currently. Or
    > > the FAQ needs to be updated.
    > Indeed, now that LINUX_VERSION_CODE has the value 0x20400 for all
    > kernels over the last few months, it's impossible to write modules that
    > will compile on all of them :-(

    Is that really a big deal? Its a test series which will have a stable
    interface once 2.4.0 proper is released.

    My own pet peeve is ppl avoiding the KERNEL_VERSION() macro when doing
    LINUX_VERSION_CODE tests. Makes each test a bit more readable.


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