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SubjectRe: Dell Inspriron 5000 and 2.4.0-test3-pre4
>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Sightler <> writes:

Tom> Well, I've been testing and trying devel kernels on my Dell
Tom> Inspiron 5000 since early in the 2.3.99-pre series. Typically
Tom> I've been forced to go back to the 2.2.x series of kernels. I
Tom> had given up for a while, seeing that many of the problems I was
Tom> having were also being reported by others.

Tom> Will in looked like things had quited some for laptop users so
Tom> over the last few weeks I've been trying the 2.4.0-test series,
Tom> staring with around test1-ac22 and currently running test3-pre4.
Tom> Things are much better and the system is now actually very usable
Tom> but I'm still having a few problems that I just can't seem to
Tom> narrow down so I thought I'd post here and see if others have any
Tom> suggestions. First my hardware:

Tom> Dell Inspiron 5000, Intel Pentium III Speedstep 600/500 Mhz, 256
Tom> MB RAM, 18GB internal IDE drive, ATI Rage Pro Mobility AGP
Tom> display, Xircom CBEM-56 Cardbus 10/100 Ethernet/56K Modem,
Tom> Toshiba Internal IDE DVD-ROM.

I have one too. ;) Celeron 500 and only 12gig drive tho. ;)

Tom> OK, now the problems:

Tom> 1) The Xircom adapter works properly and loads up correctly
Tom> during boot after I
Tom> downloaded and compiled the latest pcmcia-cs-3.1.17 and made a
Tom> few minor changes to the startup script. Unfortunately, removing
Tom> the card causes an oops and hard lock. If I manually stop the
Tom> card I can then remove it without problems. This appears to be a
Tom> problem in the xircom_tulip_cb driver but I'm not sure. If I
Tom> simply ifconfig eth0 down and rmmod the modules I can also remove
Tom> the card without problems.

I have seen this problem with two other of my cards...

- A sandisk compact flash adapter: It loads fine, and I can mount the
flash and copy files to/from it fine. When I unload it, (after
unmounting the fs) I get the big string of oopses and the machine is

- A webgear aviator wireless card. It also loads ok, but rmmoding the
ray_cs module or ejecting the card also results in the same string
of oopses and a locked machine.

I have found a workaround (for the ray_cs card at least) is to compile
the wireless stuff from the latest pcmcia-cs package and install it
into /lib/modules/2.4.0-test2/pcmcia or whatever. That version works

Tom> 2) APM problems. I have APM compiled as a module and it seems to
Tom> work
Tom> properly. The Gnome applet track my battery usage and knows when
Tom> I'm on AC or not. I can sleep the machine, however, when I
Tom> attempt to wake up it appears to go through the normal sequence,
Tom> the screen returns, the NIC card LED's light up, but then the
Tom> mouse hangs and that's it. I have not yet attempted to use ACPI
Tom> on this machine, but can do so if anyone thinks that will fix it.
Tom> I can't really imagine that I need any of the features of APCI,
Tom> but it would be nice to be able to shut the lid, move offices,
Tom> and return to my work, shutting down each time is a pain.

Tom> The APM problems may not be related to the 2.4.x kernels as it
Tom> give nearly the exact same symptoms with both stock RH 2.2.14
Tom> kernels and custom compiled 2.2.16 kernels (I've tried every
Tom> compile option under APM with no real change in behavior).

Are you in X when you suspend?

There is a patched X server that will work with suspend on the 5000

Or you can switch to a vty (cntrl-alt-f1) and suspend and then back to
your X session when you resume.

Tom> These are really my last two problems with 2.4.x and I'd like to
Tom> get them resolved. Anyone have any ideas how I could
Tom> troubleshoot this problem? I'm guessing the first thing is to
Tom> copy the oops and see what's hanging, but thought this might be a
Tom> know issue. I'll gladly help troubleshoot this problem.

The oopes I see scroll by in a blinding blur. I guess a serial or
printer console could capture them. ;)

Tom> Later, Tom

Kevin Fenzi
MTS,, ltd. KRUD - Kevin's Red Hat Uber Distribution

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