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SubjectRe: PS/2 mouse latency was Re: [linux-audio-dev] Re: [DATAPOINT] kernels and latencies

> The PS/2 mouse interface has an incestuous relation to the keyboard
> controller; they use the same registers. Keyboard controller is writen
> to regularly in the keyboard interrupt when you press a key. Both
> have to be serialized.
> -Andi

(Sort of OT) I realized that the PS/2 controller snagged a few of the upper
bits or something like that in the region that communicates with the keyboard.
(Been a long time since I looked at this) Is this the case on all
arches/platforms, for instance when the SPARC uses a PS/2 mouse does it use the
same sort of relationship between the keyboard and the mouse?


(This is curious to me because I have a Vr-4121 based Workpad that's running
the Vr series kernel, and I have yet to get the PS/2 Trackpoint working on this
little device. I pulled the machine to pieces and identified the controller
chip which was PS/2, but was unable to trace this back to a GPIO on the
processor, or back into the keyboard control interface. The trackpoint chip is
the same as those employed in IBM laptops.)

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