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    SubjectRe: (reiserfs) sync: why disk cannot spin down
    On Mon, Jul 31, 2000 at 12:14:34AM +0200, Xuan Baldauf <> wrote:
    > spindown of (IDE) disks. There will be a call to sync() after 32 or less
    > seconds have elapsed since the last sync(). Not a problem itself, but
    > every sync spins up the disk again.

    Which is normal and definitely not reiserfs-dependent.

    As for some hint: use "noflushd" (try freshmeat). With that, you don't loose
    atime (which is very important for many things, like /tmp cleanup) and your
    disks still do not spin up.

    I use it on my answering machine, and unless I receive e-mail (fsync ;), or
    the memory cache is full (very rare, as i receive lots of e-mail), the disks
    stay down.

    At night, when I don't route mail to my machine, the disks are usually down
    for hours.

    You could, of course, just disable atime but that's far worse a solution, as
    every write will trigger a spin up.

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