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SubjectRe: RLIM_INFINITY inconsistency between archs
Followup to:  <8m4uri$d9e$>
By author: (Miquel van Smoorenburg)
In newsgroup:
> >> Everything in /usr/include belongs to and depends on glibc, not
> >> the currently running kernel.
> >
> >Unfortunately that doesn't work very well. For user-space daemons
> >which talk to Linux-specific kernel interfaces, such as automount, you
> >need both the glibc and the Linux kernel headers.
> Yes, but you can't mix&match anyway. For stuff like that you're
> probably best off by using a talktokernel.c file that is
> compiled with -I/path/to/kernel/include while the rest of the
> daemon doesn't know about kernel internals.
> That could and perhaps should be fixed, but I think that is
> a different issue entirely.

For most kernel interface daemons, that is not an option. You need to
be able to translate (or just transfer information) between
glibc-provided and kernel-provided data structures, so you need to be
able to include all the datatypes.

Let's get this straight: #include <linux/*> and #include <asm/*> are
*expected* to be the kernel headers. This is a completely different
issue from the fact that glibc headers shouldn't #include these
headers like libc5 did.


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