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SubjectRe: sync: why disk cannot spin down

Russell King wrote:

> Xuan Baldauf writes:
> > this problem is possibly unrelated to reiserfs but related to
> > linux-kernel, but now I can prove it: regular sync()s do prevent the
> > spindown of (IDE) disks. There will be a call to sync() after 32 or less
> > seconds have elapsed since the last sync(). Not a problem itself, but
> > every sync spins up the disk again.
> You may want to have a look at the atime/diratime mount options, or
> even chattr -A to prevent certain files causing a write when they're
> run/read.
> Note that just executing "sync" causes its atime to be marked for update,
> which will cause a write back to disk a short while later.
> [...]

Thank you for waking me! :o) I forgot the atime issue. I wonder why it still
is the default...

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Just FYI: 404 Not Found

Xuân. :o)

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