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SubjectRe: tools to repair damaged /dev/hda1 boot record
Richard Rager wrote:

> On Sun, 2 Jul 2000 wrote:
> >
> > This is not really related to linux kernel development. But to answer it
> > requires certain expertise on Linux knowledge. Please allow me to ask
> > here.
> > My problem is as following. I deinstalled win2k by brutforcely
> > removed windows directory. There are many files left on my C: root
> > directory. I made a copy of them and delete files except those ones
> > essential to MSDOS/win98. Now I cannot boot into win98.
> > Fortunately I installed dual boot. I can boot into Linux still. Works
> > fine. This suggests Partition table is ok. When I try to use Lilo, it says
> > that /dev/hda1 boot sector damaged.
> >
> > My question is: is there any tools under Linux that can automatically
> > repair such kinda of disk failure and recover the windows98 system
> > (someone needs it to send email coz I got a motorola soft modem). I know I
> > can do it by "dd" and partition table correction. Just wonder if there is
> > such a cool software that does the job already.
> >
> > Please send your answer to my email addr. I procmailed this email list...
> > Thanks a lot!
> Well have you look at what lilo does. Look at /boot/boot.b and
> /boot/boot.*. Lilo make at backup copy. If you had 98 on before 2000
> your are in luck.

What about a DOS boot disk and fdisk /mbr?

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