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    SubjectRe: ORBS Elevator...
    On Sat, 29 Jul 2000, Rik van Riel wrote:

    > On Sat, 29 Jul 2000, Andre Hedrick wrote:
    > > It is one platter and a pair of heads.
    > > I will know the discrete track/sector arrangements.
    > > This is the first case where the "elevator" an be used as a strong boost.
    > How about RAID1 devices?

    I had a way to get cache table predictions but maybe another day.
    This a profile of the drive. But that ablity has been kill by the masses
    because I blew the presentation.

    > In that case we have the data replicated over (usually) 2
    > disks and we can optimise the reading of the data in such
    > a way that seek times on both disks are minimised, instead
    > of dividing the requests over both disks randomly and
    > hoping that the elevator code below can deal with it.
    > Btw, if we want to do better IO clustering, we should probably
    > start doing IO clustering on *higher* layers. Currently we just
    > feed the elevator a random subset of the blocks that are to be
    > written and we hope that it's good enough...
    > regards,
    > Rik
    > --
    > "What you're running that piece of shit Gnome?!?!"
    > -- Miguel de Icaza, UKUUG 2000

    Andre Hedrick
    The Linux ATA/IDE guy

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