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SubjectRe: RLIM_INFINITY inconsistency between archs
On Thu, 27 Jul 2000, Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:

> I'd really, really, like some kind of convention that could be
> standardized. It could be any one of
> /usr/src/linux
> /lib/include/`uname -r`
> ../linux
> (the last requires that pcmcia and Rocketport packages have to be in the
> same top-level directory as the kernel source tree).
> I could live with any of these; as long as we all can agree on a single
> convention, so that default is always right. If you don't like
> /usr/src/linux because of the past history, and how user-mode packages
> are using it incorrectly, let's create a new convention. I personally
> think /lib/include (ala /lib/modules) is probably the best one but it
> means dropping approxmiately 4 megabytes into /lib, which might cause
> some problems for some partitioning schemes.

IMHO, if we're going to "standardize" a place to put kernel sources I
really dislike /lib/<anything>. My own preference would be
/usr/local/linux. Linus doesn't like /usr/src/linux so that's probably
dead. /lib doesn't seem like the right place; /usr/local looks like the
best fit for a standard place.

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