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    SubjectRe: NFSv4 ACLs (was: ...ACL's and reiser...)
    In <200007271938.PAA04744@tsx-prime.MIT.EDU> Theodore Y. Ts'o (tytso@MIT.EDU) wrote:

    > (In NT, if "bob" is given access to /usr, the he has access to /usr/lib,
    > /usr/local, /usr/bin, /usr/etc, /usr/home/tytso/Mail, etc. You have to
    > scan all of the ACL's up to the root whenever you make an access
    > decision. This is slow and painful, and doesn't have much semantic
    > meaning in the presence of hard links --- which NT doesn't have.)

    NT HAVE hardlinks. Not sure about 3.x but 4.0 HAVE hardlinks for sure.
    I'm not sure if you can create them with cmd.exe or explorer but in
    FAR ( it's Alt-F6.
    And yes, hard links and NT's ACL inheritance are REALLY messy when used

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