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    SubjectRe: SmartMedia translation layer?
    Matthew Dharm <> wrote:
    > However, the usb-storage development team is working on implementing
    > support for a USB SmartMedia reader/writer. To do this, we need to have
    > code which can take care of this re-mapping system. We're wondering if
    > anyone out there has such code allready (perhaps even in use with Linux).

    Not and have it architecturally independant. IIRC, ioremap()
    of a PCI memory region must be used on all architectures, and
    simply dereferencing the pointer to that memory won't work
    on many architectures - with the *notable* exception of x86.

    I would recommend creating a block device, where each
    block corresponds to a flash memory segment. Then, in your
    block handler, use the readl()/writel() IO macros to access
    the remapped PCI region and thanser data to the blocks request.

    Simple, easy, and would allow the mounting of a FAT filesystem
    on the SmartMedia...

    IIRC, there should be hooks in the block layer to allow
    you to do control the re-ordering of blocks to minimize the
    number of write cycles.

    Jason McMullan, Senior Linux Consultant, Linuxcare, Inc.
    412.422.8077 tel, 412.656.3519 cell, 415.701.0792 fax,
    Linuxcare. Support for the revolution.

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