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SubjectRe: BUG REPORT : IPX (Novell) uppercase convert error with

Petr Vandrovec wrote:
> > AFRAID to change anything in Novell because of many peoples in our company
> > works with it. And I have no reasons to pay money for programmer who know
> Then disable lowercasing names in Linux and you are done. What's wrong
> with this solution?
> > About NFS. I don't want to use NFS in Novell server due to
> > security reasons.
> It is not NFS as network filesystem. It is NFS namespace, in Unixware
> called Unix namespace. It allows you to create real UNIX names, case
> sensitive, names can contain "*", "?", "\", "..." and all others, in other
> namespaces disallowed, characters.


There's a problem too with the NFS server that runs on NetWare. It's
ancient code (but the Bangalore Novell folks have taken it over, so
there'e hope it will get fixed if they monitor this list). If "pipe" or
"fifo" permissions get written into it on 4.x NFS NFS->mode field in the
namespace on the server (the 5.x NFS server doesn't even load properly
on some of the DevelopNet releases of 5.1 of late) the server can get an
Abend or "process suspended" message and hang the NFS server on

I've seen it on 4.x but nt 5.x, since I cannot even get the NLM NFS
version to load and work properly at all with Linux on NetWare 5.1.



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