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    SubjectRe: Possible Solution for ATA Mess...
    On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Stuart MacDonald wrote:

    >From: "Andre Hedrick" <>
    >> The bitch and scream over a $0.01 per drive addition.
    >> $0.01 * 1.5e7 * number of models per year == MILLIONS per company.
    >My hardware guy says $0.02 for a jumper and $0.04 for a shunt =
    >$0.06 * 1.5e7 * 30 models per year = $27,000,000 per year
    >Let's say that it costs $100 to manufacture a hard drive, parts and
    >labour and design etc, but not including that extra jumper.
    >$100 * 1.5e7 * 30 models per year = $45,000,000,000 per year
    >The fact remains that it is an insignificant cost in the manufacture
    >of the hardware. Extremely insignificant. 0.06% by my estimates,
    >and I think I was conservative with the cost of manufacturing a
    >hard drive.

    This logic is just plain totally completely rediculous. So each
    hard disk produced would cost $0.06 *CENTS* more if they included
    a jumper? OH NO! That would cost them 45 BILLION dollars a year
    to include?

    Know what I say about that? *bullshit* - not to you, but to the
    idea that it costs money.

    Push the $0.06 cents per drive on to the consumer. Shit, crank
    it up to $1.00. I'll pay an extra dollar on my $200 hard disk to
    get the jumper. *ANYONE* would gladly pay the 6 cents, that is
    for sure. So, instead of spending 45 billion dollars on jumpers,
    they could easily double that, and MAKE 45billion dollars. Bring
    that up to a dollar, and they could retire early.

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