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SubjectRe: weired NE2K ether problem - help!
Jun Sun wrote:

> machine : MIPS, (little endian)
> kernel : from MIPS CVS tree, v2.4.0-test2
> ether : RTL 8029 (SMC EZNET-PCI, NE2k compatible)
> I am attempting to boot the system through NFS root FS, however, I
> failed to see any packet sent out from the board. What is strange is
> that the board receives interrupts just fine. And each time the
> ipconfig_bootp_send_if() sends out a bootp packet, it actually receives
> transmit interrupt as well!
> I trace the stack, everything seems fine. There is just no packet out.
> Does anybody have a clue here? Or at least how should further probe the
> problem?

In 8390.h you should increase ei_debug from one to 4. Also add a


which will give you detailed information as to how your packet
transmission failed. That plus the driver detection messages might
help me and others shed some more light on the issue.

If you can manage a temporary alternative to NFS root you can also
make use of ne2k-pci-diag.c (Diagnostics/EEPROM setup for PCI NE2000).


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