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SubjectPlease stop the threads.........
> WTF does DOS come in? If they wanted, they could use a Linux kernel with
> the filter bypassed. I'd regard using Linux just to write some data to
> memory as overkill, TBH; FreeDOS would probably make more sense for a lot
> of things. However, I do NOT want to see this sort of highly unusual
> action supported in the standard kernel: if you reflash your BIOS or
> firmware, you will need to reboot anyway. Why not use a manufacturer's
> boot disk/image? That way, they can't blame it on your anti-virus daemon,
> your NIC, the kernel version you're running, etc.


Please stop....

I have explained to others

The current only allows for part of the taskfile command to be accessed.
The very thing you are whining about can not be done in this limited but
dangerous access.

You want to update the drive, YOU CAN'T.
You want to hurt the drive , YOU CAN.
You want to fix the hurt, YOU CAN'T.
There are more positive things YOU CAN'T do because the current IOCTL will
not let you do.........thus the full extention is needed....

It goes on.........

Please just let it all die.........

I have more important things to than fight this fight.
Most people have filtered the subjects, so you would have to rotate that

Nobody cares......

Andre Hedrick
The Linux ATA/IDE guy

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