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SubjectRe: VIA IDE driver, v1.5 (final)
Hi Vojtech!

On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, Vojtech Pavlik wrote:

> No. You're not supposed to get CRC errors with UDMA. Not a single one.
> If you do, it'd mean you'd get data corruption without the CRCs.
> MWDMA/16 runs at the same speed as UDMA/16 and doesn't have CRC
> protection. Many people are using MWDMA/16. If your expectations (there
> will be a bit error now and then) were true, many people would see
> filesystem corruption.

No, you're not noticing bit flips in data blocks unless you CRC that
data; and data flips are there, and more likely through memory or busses
flipping bits than on disk, since disks use serious error correction

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