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SubjectRe: flush_icache_range
On Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 09:10:30AM -0700, Kanoj Sarcar wrote:

> > > Can anyone point out the logic of continued existance of
> > > flush_icache_range after the introduction of flush_icache_page()? I
> > > admit that flush_icache_range is still needed in the module loading
> > > code, but do we need it anymore in the a.out loading code? That code
> > > should be incurring page faults, which will do the flush_icache_page
> > > anyway. Seems like double work to me to do flush_icache_range again
> > > after the loading has been done.
> >
> > binfmt_elf.c:load_aout_interp() uses file->f_op->read to read the
> > interpreter from disk, so actually need to use something else to flush
> > the cache. Similar for two of three cases in binfmt_aout.c. For these
> > the page fault won't sufficiently flush cashes.
> Okay, got it. flush_icache_page() can flush the icache, then
> flush_icache_range() can writeback-invalidate the dcache (for the a.out
> section loading code), and things should work. AFAICS, this would be
> the most optimal way to do things (ie, you don't have to writeback-invalidate
> dcache, and invalidate icache in flush_icache_range(), you can optimize
> out the icache flush relying on flush_icache_page to do the work).

Yep, in other word one of the the four flush_icache_range() calls can die.

> > > This argument to delete the flush_icache_range calls from the a.out
> > > loading code assumes that the f_op->read() code behaves sanely, ie does
> > > not do unexpected things like touch the user address (thus allocating
> > > the page, and doing the icache flush via the page fault handler much
> > > earlier) before it starts reading the a.out sections in ...
> >
> > There is another MIPS specific problem with this routine. Originally
> > introduced for kernel modules the various incarnations of flush_icache_range
> > are not protected against access from userspace. Unable to handle kernel
> > paging request ahead ...
> Could you elaborate? Use mips as an example. Note: for the a.out code,
> there will be one thread, and for the module loading, userspace access
> to the vmalloced area is not possible.

I think the scenario only affects MIPS >= R4000 caches. Assume a machine
under memory pressure. It swaps the pages just loaded by the a.out loader
or the a.out ELF interpreter loader out even before flush_icache_range()
is called. Next flush_icache_page() gets called and applies a cache
instruction to one of the swapped out pages. Then the CPU will throw a
TLBL exception for which no exception handler exists, so fault.c will
panic with Unable to handle kernel paging request ...

I've fixed that in current set of MIPS cache patches.


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