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    SubjectRe: VIA IDE driver, v1.5 (final)
    In <> Vojtech Pavlik ( wrote:
    >> If not so (which I assume), you cannot tell if you have the proper cable
    >> unless you transfer data and trash it.
    >> You might try to actively probe (like reading inquiry data at UDMA/16
    >> and UDMA/66 and compare it), but this may succeed, while subsequent
    >> transfers fail. You never know.

    > Fortunately all UDMA transfers are protected by safe enough CRC to see
    > if a transfer fails. This way you can know your cable won't do UDMA/66
    > and switch to something slower. (UDMA/44 seems to work on most 40-wire
    > cables just fine). If that doesn't work, go even lower. Something like
    > modem autobauding ...

    If it'll work like modem autobauding here (connect with speed limit=14400
    and get 1.5Kbytes/second, connect with 33600 and spend 95% of time for
    retrains and thus transfer with 0.1Kbytes/second speed in the end) then
    better not...

    P.S. Sorry, could not resist...

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