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SubjectRe: TO HELL WITH IT THEN......(re: disk-destroyer.c)
In <> David Ford ( wrote:
> Vojtech Pavlik wrote:

>> No, their hardware will be fried even when they do have the patched
>> kernel. That's the whole point.

> Yes, people will get fried, -but- if there's a fix available, less people will get
> fried because the script kiddie doesn't know how to work around the fix or the
> script kiddie got a brain from k-mart.

Are you THAT stupid ? Script kiddies can be VERY stupid but since week after
patch will go in kernel and scripts on all sites will be updates to workaround
that patch (it's not hard, really) we'll get NOTHING after that week. Except
kernel bloat, that is.

> We all know there isn't a 100% fix here, but we would like a 75% fix instead of a
> 0% fix.

Unfortuntally this fix is 75% fix for accidental destroying and less then 1%
fix agains malicious script kiddie.

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