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SubjectRe: disk-destroyer.c
In <Pine.LNX.4.21.0007221745540.21586-100000@asdf.capslock.lan> Mike A. Harris ( wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Jul 2000, Steve VanDevender wrote:

>>It's not a matter of whether the kernel should allow such a thing; even
>>if the kernel itself doesn't allow such commands to be sent to the disk,
>>that isn't enough to prevent it from happening via other relatively
>>simple means.
>>The kernel simply can't be expected to protect hardware from itself. If
>>a piece of hardware can be made to destroy itself, it's bad hardware,
>>not bad kernel programming.

> But the problem then becomes the fact that there are 1000000000
> pieces of this bad hardware out there that CAN be damaged.

Yes. And guess what ? They CAN be damaged WITH proposed patch as well.

> I agree, a purist view is that the hardware needs to be designed
> better. Regardless of wether that occurs or not, there is
> 100000000 pieces of badly designed hardware IN USE that CAN NOT
> be fixed. So, if we can fix it in the OS, or at least block it
> in some way, we have a win until new hardware doesn't suck.

We can not. End of story.

> I wonder if it is possible for all hardware that is flawed in
> this matter to have new firmware which then fixes it from the
> problem? In other words, IDE drive X that allows drive commands
> to fry it: could a new firmware patch be applied that FIXES
> this, and now the drive will only allow firmware patches and
> other serious commands by checking a signature or something?

> Just an idea..

It's not always possible but yes, in some case it's possible. Still chances
are VERY slim: if manufacturer designed such flawed hardware in first place
chances are REAL high that this problem does not bother them at all so who
will create such firmware ?

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