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SubjectRe: [Announce] BKL shifting into drivers and filesystems - beware

On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Alan Cox wrote:

> > * ->mmap() in file_operations, ->revalidate(), ->readlink() and
> > ->follow_link() in inode_operations and all methods in dentry_operations
> > are called without the BKL. Take yourself if you need it.
> Is this true for drivers. If so the sound stuff will probably need work. Work
> Im not doing.

In the tree? Then it's done. Otherwise put lock_kernel() upon the entry to
your ->release() and unlock_kernel() before each return from said

> > * ->release() will be called without BKL. You need it - you take it.
> You want it for 2.4 you fix the drivers.

Which I did. But I _can't_ do it for 3rd-party code. If you know how one
could locate all boxen belonging to developers of such code, break into
each one, find their patches and do updates - pray tell, it should be
interesting. In-tree code _had_ _been_ _updated_. If you can show a
single time when I had submitted "oh, let's break everything and let
maintainers fix it" kind of patch - you are welcome, name the version when
it had happened and accept my deep apologies.

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