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    SubjectRe: adding physical memory-pages to Linux' pool-of-pages
    ** Reply to message from Jeff Garzik <> on
    Thu, 20 Jul 2000 11:39:59 -0500 (CDT)

    > > What I want to do is; I have an PCI-card with on-board RAM. I want somehow
    > > to tell the kernel that it can use that RAM as if it was any other RAM.
    > Have you benchmarked accessing system memory versus PCI shared mem?

    Yes, the PCI RAM will be very slow compared to normal RAM. I don't think it
    will help much. But if you insist, ...

    the easiest way is to create another Zone, and modify the zonelist structures
    to use that Zone as a backup zone for ZONE_NORMAL. Then, whenever you run out
    of normal RAM, it will allocate your PCI RAM.

    There's a linux-mm mailing list that might be more useful, if you decide to
    pursue this.

    Timur Tabi -
    Interactive Silicon -

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