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    SubjectRe: Package for configuration, compilation and installation
    Hi, Mike and all guys

    Lot of thanks for your advice.

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    From: "Mike A. Harris" <>
    To: "Stephen Liu" <>
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    Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2000 2:54 PM
    Subject: Re: Package for configuration, compilation and installation

    > Guessing here that what you meant to say was:
    > Kindly advise the complete package files essential for
    > configuration, compilation and installation, OF A NEW LINUX
    > KERNEL.
    > To compile the kernel you need the source code installed,
    > including the header files.
    > Install kernel-headers

    During installing Linux the first time from RH CD, I select "Everything"
    from the option. But a lot of HD space will be occupied. What I need to
    know is the package list essential to be installed at the beginning for the
    use of future installing A NEW LINUX KERNEL and/or other applications.

    I am sorry not having the forgoing explained clear in my previous posting.


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