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SubjectRE: IBM Netvista problem / help
> : The keyboard works during BIOS and boot because
> : the USB controller is doing legacy device emulation (keyboard
> : and mouse).
> Great. That's hopeful.
> : What processor and chipset does the Netvista have?
> : Chipset is especially important: maybe no 8042, SIO....
> :
> : Assuming i386/x86:
> It's x86 but all I have so far is the docs from IBM which
> aren't very useful.
> I'll have to crack it open tomorrow and see if I can
> determine anything helpful.
> : I would have guessed that empty_8042: in
> linux/arch/i386/boot/setup.S
> : was looping forever, but it now has a (long) timeout,
> : so my next guess is that the processor can't enable (gate) A20
> : ON successfully (depending on the chipset being used).
> Uh, when did that timeout go into effect? I think the stock
> RedHat bootdisk is based on 2.2.12 but I'll have to check.

It's in 2.2.14 and not in 2.2.7. I'll let you look in between.

> : If this patch would fix the Netvista problem, the "problem"
> : then is applying the patch and building it on another
> : system and then transferring the kernel to the boot disk
> : (or boot floppy; does it have a floppy?) of the Netvista.
> %$^#@ it, no. I need to dig up a USB floppy and see if that
> will work or just
> dump the bootdisk to another cdrom and try that.

USB floppy won't work until you have a kernel with USB
support ($%!#@&*)...unless the BIOS supports USB floppies,
but that probably won't help you either.


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