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SubjectRe: Do ramdisk exec's map direct to buffer cache?
In message <> you write:
> We suspect that a combination of cramfs and jffs will serve handhelds
> very well... I can say from first hand experience that compressed ramdisks
> and/or cramfs gets very old, very quickly: we really want a writable file
> system, with (read) compression.

If you've already got a filesystem, may I recommend you drop cramfs,
and use jffs over readonly compressed loopback? That way you don't
need the cramfs code (or its in-built limitations), and you get much
better compression (in fact, despite its cuteness, I believe cramfs is
the wrong solution for everything). I hacked together a compressed
loopback one afternoon for the Linuxcare Bootable Business Card: I
think the source is on the LC site somewhere.

Several people have fixed bugs in that version of cloop.c, and I'm
told that it dies badly on SMP; I don't like the block layer at all,
so I'm not surprised, but someone like Ted can probably fix this with
a glance...

PS. EMail me and I'll forward you the accumulated (untested) fixes...
Hacking time.

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