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SubjectRe: MDA video detection request.

> As you might have guessed I have a multihead fetish, there are 3 PCI slots in
> my machine, and I have 3 ISA card slots so that means a possible total of 6
> monitors. I know that having ISA VGA, EGA and MDA all going at ones is not
> going to happen, so it is probably more like a maximum of 4 monitors. I have
> tried and I can fit them all on my desk at once, just need the support in the
> kernel now.

Me too. I own about 8 video cards. Only five fit in my system :-( I have 3
keyboards as well but I haven't built the sun keyboard to serial adapater
yet. I do have code that runs multihead now. It only works for vgacon and
mdacon and a special NVIDIA text mode driver. Which means I haven't
updated the fbdev layer yet. Its in the linux console project CVS. I just
tested it and it's against a test4 kernel which works fine. Give it a try.

> I thought that writting one myself might teach me something, so far
> it has. I am going to subscribe to the fbdev list and ask there again. I am
> actually on the s3-fbdev list I think, but there has been no traffic for a
> few months.

The virge card is very different from other cards. Especially the streams
processor. Its also a pain in the neck to debug. It locks a machine very
easy :-(

Q: Why did they deprecate a.out support in linux?
A: Because a nasty coff is bad for your elf.

James Simmons [] ____/|
fbdev/console/gfx developer \ o.O| =(_)= U

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