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SubjectRe: VIA IDE driver, v1.5 (final)
"Anthony Barbachan" <> said:


> I figured that with 40 wires missing the chipset or drive wouldn't allow
> UDMA-66 anyway or that the drive would immediately stop working thus
> preventing data curruption. If this is not the case and the drive can get
> messed up then I would agree with defaulting to UDMA-33. Although I still
> think the appropiate speed should be retrievable from the BIOS if not the
> chipset itself. Another option is to allow the user to configure the
> default from make menuconfig.

Too many distribution kernels flying around, too many different
configuration options already. Better make the hardwired default safe (if
slow), otherwise people will have to specify it if they don't know what the
kernel's setting is (plus fun with older kernels that don't know about the
option, etc).
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