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SubjectDevfs & Hot-Plug BOF & Workshop
  Hi, all. I'm holding a devfs and Hot-Plug BOF at OLS 2000. The BOF
is scheduled for Friday, 21-Jul at 10am. I've appended the abstract.

In addition, I'll be holding a half-day working on devfs and HotPlug
issues. This will be a brainstorming and design session, where
developers can state what the need, what they'd like and we can
evaluate solutions. There may even be code written :-)
The workshop will probably be on Sunday, 23-Jul.

Devfs and Hot-Plug
Devfs is the Device Filesystem for Linux. It provides an API for
device drivers to create device nodes for each device attached to the
system. The devfs namespace is designed to show the topology of
devices, making it far easier to "navigate" your hardware.

The recent support for hot-plug buses such as USB and FireWire require
more sophisticated device management to fully utilise these
buses. Devfs and its companion, devfsd (the device management daemon)
provide an excellent solution to the problems of hot-plug support.

In this BOF I will give a brief overview of the history and
development of devfs, and summarise other work by USB developers who
have used devfs+devfsd in their solutions. Following this, there will
be an open discussion for developers who want to learn how devfs
works, how to use it and the reasoning behind design choices.



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