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    SubjectRe: [Announce] BKL shifting into drivers and filesystems - beware

    On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Richard Gooch wrote:
    > >
    > > (b) means that we'll have these subtle incomptibilities between the
    > > release kernel and the development kernel, and backporting of fixes
    > > etc suddenly becomes much harder.
    > But at some point you need to cut a new kernel version and live with
    > it.


    The thing I hate, though, is code like


    in drivers. _Particularly_ in drivers. We'll end up living with 2.4.x for
    two years or more, judging by past performance, and we'll have especially
    driver writers that concentrate on the 2.4.x stuff for a long time.

    Having driver interface inconsistencies like that is nasty, and the ones
    we _know_ that we'll have should be minimized.

    This is another reason why the open/read/write/close series is
    particularly important to get done first: it's the stuff every driver
    tends to do. Things like "fasync" is less critical because even if it is
    used a lot by drivers, it tends to use the helper routines (so drivers
    often do not need to worry over-much about locking).

    This shoul dhave been the last locking issue, though. We scale too well
    for words.


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