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SubjectRe: Gigabit NIC question.
>>>>> ">" == Christopher E Brown <> writes:

>> On 12 Jul 2000, Jes Sorensen wrote:
>> Depends on what you do with it, at CERN we had soo many problems
>> with it on SMP machines. 2.2.x was an order of magnitude better.

> I think alot of it comes down to hardware choice. There
> seemed to be many more driver vs SMP issues with 2.0.3x, and some
> SMP support that 2.2.x did better when dealing with interesting SMP
> setups (some compaqs, ALR/Unisys/DataGeneral PProx4 and PProx6
> units/etc).

>> Pick known clean running MBs, and cards and you did well,
>> catalog engineer the system without researching what was stable
>> with SMP and get bitten hard.

Which is exactly what we did and it turned into a nightmare, the same
machines runs much better with 2.2.x. Intel motherboards, brand label
PCI cards etc etc. There is no generic rule for 2.0.x being more
stable than 2.2.x.


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