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SubjectRe: [patch] drivers/mtd/
On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Thiago Rondon wrote:

> Small patch for 2.4.0-test4-pre1
> -- Thiago Rondon
> --- linux/drivers/mtd/ Tue Jul 11 17:40:01 2000
> +++ linux/drivers/mtd/ Tue Jul 11 17:38:17 2000
> @@ -22,16 +22,16 @@
> bool 'PMC551 256M DRAM Bugfix' CONFIG_MTD_PMC551_BUGFIX
> fi
> dep_tristate 'Debugging RAM test driver' CONFIG_MTD_MTDRAM $CONFIG_MTD
> -mainmenu_option next_comment
> -comment 'MTD drivers for mapped chips'
> +
> +bool 'MTD drivers for mapped chips'
> dep_tristate 'Common Flash Interface (CFI) support' CONFIG_MTD_CFI $CONFIG_MTD
> dep_tristate 'CFI support for Intel/Sharp Extended Command Set chips' CONFIG_MTD_CFI_INTELEXT $CONFIG_CFI
> define_bool CONFIG_MTD_JEDEC n
> define_bool CONFIG_MTD_RAM n
> define_bool CONFIG_MTD_ROM n
> -mainmenu_option next_comment
> -comment 'Drivers for chip mappings'
> +
> +bool 'Drivers for chip mappings'
> dep_tristate 'Flash chip mapping in physical memory' CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP $CONFIG_MTD_CFI
> if [ "$CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP" != "n" ]; then
> @@ -43,8 +43,8 @@
> dep_tristate 'Flash chip mapping on Octagon 5066 SBC' CONFIG_MTD_OCTAGON $CONFIG_MTD_JEDEC
> dep_tristate 'Flash chip mapping on RPXLite PPC board' CONFIG_MTD_RPXLITE $CONFIG_MTD_CFI
> dep_tristate 'Flash chip mapping on Tempustech VMAX SBC301' CONFIG_MTD_VMAX $CONFIG_MTD_JEDEC
> -mainmenu_option next_comment
> -comment 'User modules and translation layers for MTD devices'
> +
> +bool 'User modules and translation layers for MTD devices'
> dep_tristate 'Direct chardevice access to MTD devices' CONFIG_MTD_CHAR $CONFIG_MTD
> dep_tristate 'Pseudo-blockdevice access to MTD devices' CONFIG_MTD_BLOCK $CONFIG_MTD
> dep_tristate 'FTL (Flash Translation Layer) support' CONFIG_FTL $CONFIG_MTD

With a risk of sounding rude, but do you have ANY idea of what you're

What's missing is the "endmenu" that is supposed to pair each
mainmenu_option, nothing else. Oh, and you don't expect a bool to work
without a variable to hold that bool-value, now do you?

But as I suspect that the author didn't really intend all those sections
to become separate submenus (which they will become if you just add those
"endmenu"-tags, I'm doing a little rewrite of this file myself.
There are lots of things wrong with it. For instance, the author(s?) seem
to have overlooked Documentation/CodingStyle completely...

Oh bother...

/David Weinehall
_ _
// David Weinehall <> /> Northern lights wander \\
// Project MCA Linux hacker // Dance across the winter sky //
\> </ Full colour fire </

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