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SubjectRe: PCI probing in slot order?
Hi Jeff!

> It would be nice to have devices compiled into the kernel probe in slot
> order, ie.
> slot 1 - video card - fbdev/nothing
> slot 2 - ethernet card - tulip
> slot 3 - 2nd ethernet card - eepro100
> However this makes initialization hairy, because you cannot init the
> hardware at init_module time. For new PCI drivers I think this is an
> easy problem -- just delay when probe() is called -- but it seems like
> the new PCI API will need a bit of reworking before slot order probing
> is possible.

By the way, what's the advantage in probing in slot order? I guess it
should be enough to preserve slot order for devices belonging to single
driver which is exactly what we currently do.

(Assuming we're speaking of `natural' slot ordering (i.e., by increasing
value of devfn, not according to slot numbers reported by the PCI BIOS).)

Have a nice fortnight
Martin `MJ' Mares <> <>
"Everything counts in large amounts." -- Depeche Mode

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