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    SubjectRe: [patch] vsyscall feature

    On Wed, 8 Mar 2000, Jamie Lokier wrote:

    > Good point. You can bet that some partial machine code evaluator
    > would like to disassemble the vsyscall code and duplicate the
    > equivalent in JIT generated code at some point, interleaved with
    > caller optimisations...

    yep - since kernel-entry-less vsyscalls are basically an extension to
    glibc, it's perfectly possible to avoid the intended behavior via
    user-space tricks. Just like it's possible currently to override the _time
    libc function. So anyone who wants to do tricks must either do it at the
    libc level if vsyscalls are use. Also, since this is fully under the
    control of the kernel, it can be disabled (via a kernel recompile and/or
    kernel patch) without impacting any application.


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