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    SubjectRe: BSD Licensed files in Linux kernel.
    On Wed, Mar 08, 2000 at 12:01:28PM +0300, Khimenko Victor wrote:
    > In <383326804.952471407031.JavaMail.root@web34.pub01> Lee Chin ( wrote:
    > khim != lawyer
    > > Does this mean to say that If I link my application with glibc, I have to
    > > gove away my code under either GPL or a more liberal licence?
    > Yes, if you link it STATICALLY. If you link dinamically LGPL (but NOT "plain"
    > GPL!) has special exception clause and thus in such case you can use any
    > license you wish...

    Linking is linking. Statically or dynamically makes no difference
    legally, it's only a technical issue.

    It is however required that it is possible to link the binary to a
    locally modified version of the used library. With shared libraries
    this is relatively simple, with static linking the binary distribution
    has to contain separate object files for the library and the
    application (additionally to the linked executable) so that it can be
    relinked to a different library version.

    IANAL, but you can look it up in section 6 of the LGPL for yourself.

    Andreas E. Bombe <> DSA key 0x04880A44

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