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SubjectRe: Linux responsiveness under heavy load
Khimenko Victor wrote:
> Even if in mentined samples kernel used more CPU more extensively then
> all userspace processes combined still there were LOTS of CPU power free
> to use. Real bottleneck is I/O :-/ And Linux is not good in this area
> (especially with bad hardware like EIDE). 2.2 is better then 2.0, 2.3 is
> better then 2.2 but steel cursor is not moving smoothly mcedit on
> console (no X!) when there are paraller kernel and xfree86 compilation in
> background ...

A larger boost to keep-the-page-in-memory priority for pages referenced
by "interactive" processes might be in order. Either faster vmscanning
simply a higher priority for pages found to be used. Might not be too
hard to implement either.

A larger priority for page-in I/O due to interactive process too might
help too. Some modification of Andrea's elevator. But that doesn't
seem so easy.

-- Jamie

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