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    SubjectRe: BSD Licensed files in Linux kernel.
    In article <>,
    Darren Reed <> wrote:
    >Sorry to disturb you folks, but someone has pointed out to me
    >that there are some files (e.g. linux/drivers/net/bsd_comp.c)
    >which are licensed under the BSD license and not the GPL.

    There are numerous files that are under a dual license, which is
    perfectly ok. I don't actively encourage it, because it creates
    problems if somebody else than the original author were to ever say "I
    want to patch the Linux GPL'd version of this file, but I do NOT want to
    make my changes available under the BSD license" or vice versa, but it
    hasn't been a problem so far, so it's not something I discourage either.

    (And besides, if somebody were to send me a patch with those kinds of
    restrictions, my solution would probably be to just not accept the patch
    in the first place).

    The one file you mention (bsd_comp.c) is the only real special case that
    I'm aware of, which is why it cannot be linked into the kernel directly
    (it only ever gets built as a module - not for any technical reasons,
    but simply due to the copyright issue).


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