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SubjectRe: Linux ports (was: Linux 64 bit - Trillium)
Matti Aarnio wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 05, 2000 at 10:36:00AM -0500, wrote:
> > > - Crays (the non-vector models; I suspect that Linux doesn't
> > > would be very suitable on a vector-machine. But I could
> > > be wrong)
> >
> > i heard they don't have an MMU. ucLinux on a Cray, baby! I've heard
> > people talking about merging ucLinux into 2.5, but they're crazy people.
> On the contrary, those vector systems do have a MMU, but it isn't PAGED.
> And similarly, there is no demand PAGING, there is only SWAPPING.
> Everything of process out of memory, everything in to the memory.
> (This is one reason why those machines have humongous IO bandwidth..)


Does that mean that I can't run:

int *input_data;
float *temp_data1;
float *temp_data2;
float *outputdata;

main ()
input_data = malloc (HUGEVAL *sizeof (int));;
temp_data1 = malloc (HUGEVAL *sizeof (float));;
temp_data2 = malloc (HUGEVAL *sizeof (float));;
outputdata = malloc (HUGEVAL *sizeof (float));;

read_dataset (input_data, argv[1]);
process_step_1 (input_data, temp_data1);
process_step_2 (temp_data1, temp_data2);
process_step_3 (temp_data2, outputdata);
write_dataset (output_data, argv[2]);

with say 1.5G datasets and just 4G of RAM?

4 * 1.5G is 6G, so it doesn't all fit into RAM at the same time, while
every processing step uses only 2 * 1.5G = 3G of RAM, which fits


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