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SubjectRe: 3c59x & Cat 4003 Ethernet Lockups
> > shared irq case and Alan Cox has been nice enough to
> > inform me that it would be a hard job to rewrite the driver
> > to actually be able to share an irq with another peripheral.
> It will share an IRQ. It will not correctly handle the case of too much
> when the thing is shared. Fixing that requires changing the 3c59x driver
> around a chunk, or removing the error checking which actually is what is
> causing the errors!
> Alan

Okay, it might be able to share but in my case it ran into too much work
constantly. So frankly, it was not able to share at all.

(It was sharing the IRQ with the "pci holder for the irq steering" which
to be on 3 different interrupts in my box. Atleast that is what Win98
/proc/interrupts does not mention such a 'device' at all..


(ps. Anyone know what a "pci holder for the irq steering" does?)

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