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    SubjectRe: Help in DSM design

    > That turns out not to be the case. It was exactly this granularity
    > problem which killed the only machine I'm aware of which did DSM in
    > hardware (the Kendall Square boxes --- and how many people here have
    > heard of that one? :)

    The KSR boxes aren't the only h/w DSM systems - NUMA boxes today
    (Origin for one) also do DSM. Both add that additional level of
    locality that a performance conscious application needs to exploit;
    agreed that KSR was the only one to have caching at the remote
    memory to local memory level (with a page size granularity).
    A DSM system could look very much like the current NUMA h/w with
    an added remote-local memory caching happening at application specific
    granularity. The main issue there is getting access control at
    the desired granularity for the s/w DSM layer - which in a way
    the current OS dictates to be a page size; and yeah! unfortunately
    there are many smart solutions around that one that I'm aware of :-)


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