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SubjectRe: Linux 64 bit - Trillium
On Sun, 5 Mar 2000, Philipp Rumpf wrote:

> > AT&T's Hobbit processor.
> Is the name of the architecture CRISP or would that be a separate one ?
> > Matsushita's MN10300. Fujitsu FR30. Sun MAJC.
> > Notional Semidestructors 32016. Jeff Dike's usermode port. Linux/L4.
> > mkLinux. There are some m68k machines which aren't included yet like
> > sun3, next and apollo DN. pc532 (see The i860 and i960.
> AFAIK i[89]60 don't have a real MMU.

We had an Alliant manufactured i960-based Super-Computer here at the
University. It was binned because Alliant didn't, despite a LOT of
patching, ever manage to make it work properly... Now I know this has
little to do with the i960 CPU, but I just thought it was a episode
to tell about...

> > Transputers. Sun's 386-based workstations. Sequent SMP machines.
> > Pyramid. IBM Romp. Sony NEWS.
> Siemens BS2000. MMIX. POWER.

POWER and PowerPC are in almost all aspects the same; binaries are
mutually compatible to most parts (apart from specific stuff like

Oh, another strange processor is the RT that's used in IBM's RT machines.
Those are horrible things. I would STRONGLY advice against a port to
those beasts.

But a port to the MCA-models of IBM's RS/6000's is VERY high on my
wish-list, considering the number of RS/6000-machines out there. These
are very nice machines.

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