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SubjectLinux ports (was: Linux 64 bit - Trillium)
On Sun, Mar 05, 2000 at 10:36:00AM -0500, wrote:
> > - Crays (the non-vector models; I suspect that Linux doesn't
> > would be very suitable on a vector-machine. But I could
> > be wrong)
> i heard they don't have an MMU. ucLinux on a Cray, baby! I've heard
> people talking about merging ucLinux into 2.5, but they're crazy people.

On the contrary, those vector systems do have a MMU, but it isn't PAGED.
And similarly, there is no demand PAGING, there is only SWAPPING.
Everything of process out of memory, everything in to the memory.
(This is one reason why those machines have humongous IO bandwidth..)

The "mmu" works by adding BASE value to user address (data or PC),
and another register, a comparator (LIMIT), is used to prevent user
program from addressing too much memory.

Non-vector CRAYs ? Ah, things like T3E.. They run slightly special
hardware edition of DEC Alpha chips. (At least the chip package is
somewhat special as that system uses very high packaging density with
dielectric liquid coolant system.)

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