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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.2.15pre12 [VM fixes]
    >On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, Burton Windle wrote:

    >><linux/version.h> was wrong) was to telnet in as a normal user, and use
    >>all the RAM I could (perl -e '@a=(a..zzzzzzzzzzz').

    See the last thing that perl does before you get in troubles:

    brk(0x148c78000) = -1 ENOMEM (Cannot allocate memory)
    write(2, "Out of memory!\n", 15) = 15
    osf_sigprocmask(0x3, 0, 0) = 0
    --- SIGINT (Interrupt) ---

    Then all mmap/brk fails with -ENOMEM and so the processes exits and perl
    gets not killed.

    To get rid of that use 2.2.15pre13 and set this sysctl at boot:

    echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory

    and perl will be killed immediatly without mistakes then.

    The get_free_pages logics wasn't involved at all in your problem, it was
    mmap/brk that was failing while doing the overcommit check and so nobody
    was going to request memory anymore.

    IMHO perl should exit when it notices there's not enough memory to
    allocate the array.

    Actually I am looking at the overcommit logic since it seems we have a
    longstanding little problem there (not related to your case though,
    that's a perl "feature" ;).


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