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SubjectRe: Timestamp counters on SMP
Alan Cox wrote:
> > Correct. Transmeta Longrun and Intel Speedstep do change the clock
> > frequency, though; however, at least Transmeta will still present a
> > constant-frequency TSC to the RDTSC instruction. Don't know about
> > Intel.
> I believe Intel also keeps constant TSC.
> > (Now, some broken Cyrix chips would lose or not increment the TSC when
> > throttled.)
> They stop the TSC when the CPU is suspended completely. Thats actually very
> nice behaviour on a power sensitive device.

Right, but from a software viewpoint you'd like to KNOW wether or not
you can depend on tsc continuing to increment or not when the CPU is
powered down.

If in normal operation you have 5M transistors doing interesting
things, you could keep a few hundred of them active to keep a 20 bit
counter running. (Power up the rest of the counter when a carry


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