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Subjectactivating mttr on voodoo 3
Reading Documentation/mrtr.txt, I realized that the 2.5 speed amelioration
wasn't systematic once mtrr was compiled in.
I looked at my X server start up and saw something like :
voodoo 3 2000 memory starting at address1, address2.
I putted the first address in /proc/mtrr (under 2.3.48), restarted X, and after
3 seconds up, I had a system freeze and had to do a hard ( button) reboot.

Am I doing the procedure wrong, or is mtrr broken (It didn't compile in 2.3.47).

TIA for your reply to this mostly off topic question.


Passe que moi, au dpart, j'avais fait informatique comme tudes, pas
NT, et je voudrais revenir mon mtier premier.
-+- BB in Guide du Linuxien pervers - Bien configurer son metier.

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