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SubjectRe: /proc/nzombies
Hi there.

>> I must say that I think calling the maintaining of the
>> nzombies counter "bloat" is exaggerating.

> It is, because it solves a highly specific problem while
> you could implement a solution that solves a more general
> problem (or a class of problems) that also includes the
> solution for your specific problem. VMS illustrates quite
> nicely what this can lead to.

> I would suggest that you try to implement a more general
> solution.

> Two examples:

> - implement a fast interface to extract essential ps and
> top information (e.g. a single read returns well-defined
> fixed-length records with text or binary content (your
> choice) for multiple or all processes). This would solve
> the most visible problem of /proc, namely the high
> processing overhead of top.

> The zombies counter would be as simple as:

> size = read(fd,huge_buffer,sizeof(huge_buffer));
> zombies = 0;
> for (i = PROC_STATE_OFFSET; i < size; i += RECORD_LENGTH)
> if (huge_buffer[i] == ZOMBIE_STATE)
> zombies++;

More realistically:

maxsize = get_process_count() + 100;
buffer = (ps_rec **) malloc(sizeof(ps_rec * maxsize);
size = get_process_data(buffer);
zombies = 0;
for (i=0; i<size; i++)
if (buffer[i].state == ZOMBIE)

No matter how large you make the buffer, if it's not geared to
the current number of processes, it's ripe for a buffer over-run

> - go one step back and ask yourself why zombies are a
> problem. The probable answer is because they overflow
> your process table.

Am I right in thinking that once a process achieves Zombie
status, it tays as an unschedulable zombie until killed?

If so, then an obvious solution would be to move zombies out of
the process table into a separate linked list (or perhaps into
the /proc/nzombies file) and thus free up the process slots they
used to occupy.

That would probably produce a kernel speedup as well, as the
kernel wouldn't need to scan through the zombies checking they
are zombies when it schedules...

Best wishes from Riley.

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* All rights and wrongs reserved.

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